The Purity

At the time when the Alaskan Eklutna Glacier was formed the oxygen content of earth’s atmosphere ranged between 30-33%; the cleanest and healthiest air this planet has ever contained. Rain fell to the earth, became frozen and has remained untouched for thousands of years in the Eklutna Glacier. The Eklutna Glacier is the primary source for our water. For this reason we can claim Crystal Glacier Water to be “Nature’s Premium Drinking Water”.

Our competition recognizes the quality of Crystal Glacier Water.  Many have pictures of glaciers on their labels and claim to be sourced from springs close to a glacier. Crystal Glacier Water is the real thing. Your health deserves “Natures Premium Drinking Water”


The Legend
5,000 years ago a Sumerian king wanted to live forever. He put up his entire fortune to possess immortality. Scientists believe that humans have the genetic ability to live up to 140 years.  Studies conducted suggest that cultures that drink glacier water and irrigate the food they consume with a glacier source enjoy the grace and longevity of all people on earth.  Evidence suggests that such a source in Alaska’s 23,000 year old Eklutna Glacier.